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Top 10 Plants For Winter Colour 2023

Winter is often thought to be a quiet time in the gardening world where there’s not much life in our gardens, but there are many plants that thrive during this time of year. Light up your garden in the depths of winter with these magnificent plants, perfect for giving your garden some winter colour.


1. Winter flowering Clematis


At a notoriously sparse time of year, the evergreen foliage and beautiful floral display of winter-flowering Clematis is sure to impress. Wonderful trained up a trellis, obelisk or through shrubs where they can climb and entwine.

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Clematis Freckles

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2. Pansies


A winter favourite, Pansies come in such a wide range of colours that there really is something for everyone. An ideal plant for beginner gardeners are they are so incredibly easy to grow. Perfect for planting in containers, baskets and window boxes for you to enjoy colour from October all the way through to March.


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Crocosmia Lucifer


Shop Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Burgundy  

3. Coronilla

During spells of winter sunshine, the sweet fragrance and lemon-yellow blooms of Coronilla will remind you of bright spring days. The very best choice if you live in coastal areas or you have a particularly windy garden.


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Coronilla glauca

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4. Hellebores


Here at Hayloft, we absolutely love our Hellebores. Whilst other plants slumber, bring a magical touch to your garden with their luxuriant blousy blooms and abundant evergreen foliage. They may look dainty in appearance but don’t be fooled as they are sturdy plants that will survive the cold temperatures of winter and remain awe-inspiring.


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Hellebore Double Ellen Picotee

Shop Hellebore Double Ellen Picotee

5. Camellia


Camellia are such a coveted, low maintenance and extremely hardy shrub perfect for planting in a pot or a border. Your winter and spring garden will sparkle with their extravagant blooms that the bees and butterflies love. Their evergreen foliage also ensures that there is always something to look at in the garden.


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Penstemon Pentastic

Shop Camellia Winters Snowman

6. Ilex


There’s not a plant that represents the Christmas season more than Holly. As the winter season starts to arrive, vibrant, waxy berries contrast beautifully with the evergreen leaves, the ultimate festive colour combination. Perfect for cutting too, so you can decorate your home with the sprigs.


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Ilex aquifolium-j-c-van-tol/pt318e17

Shop Ilex aquifolium J.C. van Tol


7. Cornus


If you’re looking for something to really add a vibrant punch of colour into your winter garden, then Cornus is the plant for you with its fiery-coloured bark. Incredibly easy to grow with unrivalled striking colour which instantly adds shape and form to any garden.


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Cornus Miracle

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8. Sarcococca


Producing perfume in abundance, highly fragrant flowers smother the glossy evergreen foliage of this low maintenance shrub during the winter months. A perfect sized shrub for containers or in borders for low hedging.


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Sarcococca Winter Gem

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9. Loropetalum


A little-known cousin of the Witch Hazel family, the stunning evergreen foliage makes the perfect backdrop for the fluffy fragrant lowers that smother the plant in winter and spring. Ideal for small town gardens and happy in both containers and borders.


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Loropetalum Fire Dance

Shop Loropetalum chinense Fire Dance


10. Edgeworthia


You are sure to be tempted outside into the winter air with the mouth-watering scent of Edgeworthia. Silky buds adorn bare branches in late autumn and winter, each bursting open to create rounded clusters of highly scented blooms, truly a sight to behold.

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Edgeworthia chrysantha

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Happy gardening Haylofters!


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