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  1. Gardening Jobs for January

    Gardening Jobs for January

    The festivities have finished and yet winter is still in full force. This means that January can sometimes feel like a difficult month with the ‘hangover’ of Christmas and the novelty of New Year ...

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  2. Gardening Jobs for December

    Gardening Jobs for December

    December is a quiet month for the garden as our attentions are turned to the inside for a festive few weeks. The days are short, the light is low, and the weather is cold, so even the most ardent ...

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  3. Gardening Jobs for November

    Gardening Jobs for November

    November tends to be a month when our attentions are not focused on our outside spaces. With minimal light and often inclement weather the tendency is, like some of the wildlife, to hunker down. The ...

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  4. Gardening Jobs for October

    Gardening Jobs for October

    October can be similar to April in the garden; very much a month of two halves. More and more frequently it is not unusual to have warm, sunny October days then by the time Halloween comes around the ...

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  5. Gardening Jobs for September

    Gardening Jobs for September

    September is the month that resonates for most of us as the end of summer. Schools are back and the holidays are over, but this is by no means is the end of enjoyment of the garden. As the light in ...

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  6. Gardening Jobs for August

    Gardening Jobs for August

    The August garden might be ablaze with colour, but it is also the month to plan for next year, and to keep on top of all those ‘little and often’ jobs. Checklist Ordering bulbsDeadhead plants, ...

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  7. Jobs for July

    Jobs for July

    Traditionally July is one of the hottest times of the year where we can reap the benefits of our efforts in the garden from dawn until dusk. Most of the jobs will be easy going if you have maintained ...

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  8. Gardening Jobs for June

    Gardening Jobs for June

    Although June encompasses Midsummer Eve it is, for the green-fingered among us, the first month of the summer gardening calendar. With it comes no more risk of frost in most gardens and the long-...

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  9. Jobs for May

    Jobs for May

    There is no better time to be a gardener than in the month of May. All our hard fought efforts of the winter and spring come to fruition with the appearance of seedlings and exciting trips to garden ...

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