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Top 10 perennials for pots

Whether you’re trying to brighten up your patio or you just simply don’t have the room to grow a lot of plants in the ground, container gardening is the answer! Pots are much easier to maintain and can effortlessly be moved around as and when you want to without having to dig plants up. They’re an essential part of any garden and allow you to create wonderful displays without much hassle at all.


1. Polygala


Offering colour all year round, this evergreen shrub is the ideal plant for jazzing up your pots. Our favourite has to be Polygala Purple Passion. Incredibly hardy down to -35 degrees, low maintenance and a sweet tutti-frutti scent- what'’'s not to love?

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Polygala Purple Passion
Hydrangea Magical Ruby Tuesday

2. Hydrangea


There’s nothing that quite compares to the bountiful blooms of a Hydrangea. One of our favourites is the gorgeous Hydrangea Magical Ruby Tuesday- and magical it is! Beautiful for over six months of the year, this new colour-changing variety changes from lime green to dark red, adding unstoppable interest to your garden.

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3. Lavatera


Want to invite the pollinators into your garden? Choose the ever-so floriferous Lavatera! Our pick has got to be Lavatera Barnsley Baby as it’s a compact variety with amazing flower power. Heart-shaped foliage bears Hollyhock-like blooms all summer long which also make excellent cut flowers to enjoy in the home.

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Buy Lavatera Barnsley Baby (pictured)
Lavatera Barnsley Baby

Alstroemeria Indian Summer

4. Alstroemeria


Available in such a stunning array of colours and blooming for months on end, it’s clear to see why Alstroemeria is on this list. Our favourite pick is Alstroemeria Indian Summer. True to its name, Indian Summer has vibrant orange, yellow and red blooms that will add a warm pop of colour to your pots, contrasting beautifully with its dark green, bronze tinted foliage.

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Buy Alstroemeria Indian Summer (pictured)

5. Clematis


Unsurpassed in their beauty and versatility, you can find a Clematis that will suit pretty much any garden. Whilst it’s hard to choose just one to shout about, our pick is Clematis Tudor Patio Picardy- a compact, ground-hugging variety that is just as happy trailing from pots or hanging baskets. An abundance of cascading purple blooms will give you months of colour.

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Buy Clematis Tudor Patio Picardy (pictured)
Clematis Tudor Patio Picardy

Sedum Atlantis

6. Sedum


Such an easy plant to grow, Sedums are drought tolerant and can handle some pretty tough conditions, just as long as they are well drained and get enough sun. What other variety could we choose other than the winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year 2019, Sedum Atlantis? A magnet for the bees and butterflies with dramatic variegated foliage, it’s a winner in our book too.

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Buy Sedum Atlantis (pictured)

7. Cordyline


Striking and architectural, Cordyline will give you garden an exotic and tropical touch all year round. Perfect for adding dramatic texture in amongst other, softer looking plants. We love Cordyline Can Can with its colour-changing evergreen sword-shaped leaves that change from green to pink through the seasons.

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Buy Cordyline Cha Cha (pictured)
Cordyline Can Can

Penstemon Pentastic Rose

8. Penstemon


Penstemons have been a favourite here at Hayloft for a number of years, we just love them! Attractive to bees, slug resistant, unfussy on soil conditions and beautiful flowers? We’ve died and gone to heaven! Penstemon Pentastic Rose is an ideal choice for pots as it’s a more compact patio variety with densely packed blooms and tidy foliage.

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9. Nandina


Also known as Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina is true to its namesake. Unusual and exotic-looking with bamboo-like foliage. We can’t get enough of Nandina Domestica Obsessed with its vibrant red foliage that changes colour with the seasons and as the plant matures. Star-shaped flowers are followed by rosehip-like berries amongst the glorious foliage that’s retained all winter long.

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Buy Nandina Domestica Obsessed (pictured)
Nandina Domestica Obsessed

Azalea BloomChampion Lavender

10. Azalea


Offering exquisite colour that will brighten up your garden to no end, Azaleas are perfect for adding vibrant colour to pots and containers. One of our favourites is the Azalea BloomChampion Lavender. The BloomChampion range last much longer than other Azaleas do and bloom both in the spring then again in summer and autumn, hence their name, so they give you so much more bang for your buck.

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Happy gardening Haylofters!




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