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Top 10 evergreen shrubs

Looking for something to give your garden year-round interest? Evergreen shrubs are a garden staple, bridging the gaps between seasons when other plants fade away, there will always be something to admire in your garden with these beauties, keeping your garden looking lush no matter what the time of year. Keep reading for our top 10 picks.


1. Fatsia


Make you garden look like a tropical jungle with showstopping Fatsia! Large, exotic-looking and highly glossy leaves adorn its branches all year long, great for adding texture to your garden. A great plant for adding drama to a shady area of your garden.

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Fatsia japonica

Fatsia Japonica

2. Choisya


Fragrance all year round? Yes please! Fragrant white blooms appear in late spring amongst pungent leaves which smell like cloves and spices when crushed, so you’ll always be able to enjoy the enticing aroma. Easy to grow, compact and unfussy on conditions, making it the perfect choice for every garden.


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Choisya ternate Sundance

Choisya ternate Sundance

3. Euonymus

An ideal choice for low-maintenance and attractive hedging or screening. Bright, variegated foliage gives so much more interest to the garden that the plain foliage of other evergreens. Such an easy to grow plant, so a great choice if you are a beginner gardener.


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Euonymus Emerald n Gold

Euonymus japonica Emerald n Gold

4. Rhododendron


Magnificent planted in a shrub border, in a woodland garden or in a pot/container, Rhododendron are such an exotic-looking and well-loved plant. Frilly trumpet-shaped blooms flower in late spring and early summer, bringing wonderful colour contrast to the shiny foliage.


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Rhododendron Goldflimmer

Rhododendron Goldflimmer


5. Daphne


Voted one of the most fragrant shrubs in the UK, Daphne have been described as a ‘must have’ plant by the RHS and it sure is easy to see why. Clusters of star-shaped blooms will fill your whole garden with heady fragrance from April all the way through to October.


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Daphne Eternal Fragrance

Daphne Eternal Fragrance

6. Hebe


Everyone loves a Hebe! Spikes of flowers adorn evergreen foliage that are available in an array of colours such as green, bronze or variegated. There’s really a Hebe to suit everyone and not only are the perfect for borders but they are also happily planted in pots and containers too.


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Hebe Lilac Quartz

Hebe Lilac Quartz


7. Pyracantha


Also known as Firethorn, this dramatic shrub will set your garden alight. Radiant red, yellow or orange berries appear in late summer, creating dramatic explosions of colour against the spiky foliage. The berries are and excellent addition to a winter bouquet, just as long as you get them before the birds polish them off!


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Pyracantha Red Column

Pyracantha Red Column


8. Pittosporum


Some plants really do have it all and Pittosporum is one of those plants. Sweetly fragrant blooms bloom over a dome of glossy foliage in spring and summer. Fresh, light green foliage appears in spring, creating intriguing patterns.


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Pittosporum tobira

Pittosporum tobira


9. Yucca


Add stunning texture against the softer plants in your garden with the sword-shaped foliage of Yucca. Tall panicles of nodding, fragrant, creamy-white flowers appear atop the foliage. Loved by birds, deer resistant and drought tolerant- what’s not to love?


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Yucca Golden Sword

Yucca Golden Sword


10. Pieris


Fiery foliage changes colour from green to red, always giving you something exciting and interesting to look at. This is accompanied by bead-like chains of bell-shaped flowers that bloom all spring long. Requiring little to no maintenance and happy in both border and containers, it gives you so much but without having to put in lots of effort. That’s a winner in our book!

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Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire

Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire


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Happy gardening Haylofters!




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