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Top 10 autumn flowering plants

As the days get cooler and we slowly but surely say goodbye to the summer heat, you may think your garden's beauty will fade with the sun but this certainly does not need to be the case. The fiery colours of these autumn flowering plants will keep your garden colourful and exciting. Keep reading for our top 10 picks.


1. Rudbeckia


The perfect plant to compliment your autumn colour palette, Rudbeckia bloom in shades of orange, yellow, red and bronze. They have such a long flowering period (from July all the way to October in fact!) so there's plenty of time to enjoy them in the garden or to cut and display them in the home too.

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Rudbeckia Goldsturm

  Rudbeckia Goldsturm

2. Crocosmia


If you're looking for something exotic, then look no further than Crocosmia. Whatever the weather, your autumn garden will be hot, hot, hot with the fiery colours of this bold beauty's blooms.


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Crocosmia Lava

  Crocosmia Lucifer

3. Helenium

A bee and butterfly magnet, Helenium come in a variety of bright colours. It's no wonder they're named after the Greek word for 'sun', as the bold shuttlecock blooms never fail to pack a punch in late summer and autumn.


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Helenium Carmen

Helenium Carmen

4. Delosperma


Delosperma are without a doubt a Hayloft favourite. They produce masses of neon-coloured blooms which start from spring and continue all the way until the first frosts. Not only that, but they can withstand the toughest environments and still manage to look incredible.


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Delosperma Suntropics Yellow

Delosperma Suntropics Yellow


5. Penstemon


Penstemons are incredibly popular and it's easy to see why, as they have an unbelievably long flowering period and are so easy to grow, trouble-free and pest resistant. They are so popular in fact, that there is even an international Penstemon society whose members call themselves Penstemaniacs!


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Penstemon Pentastic

Penstemon Port Wine

6. Kniphofia


Aptly named red-hot pokers, the stately and architectural Kniphofia are a spectacular choice for your autumn garden, with unmistakable exotic-looking spikes of blooms. The perfect plant for adding some drama to your borders and their long-lived nature makes them such a rewarding perennial to grow.


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Kniphofia Popsicle Red Hot

Kniphofia Redhot Popsicle


7. Sedum


Bang on trend, succulents are all the rage, offering colourful foliage and clusters of nectar-rich blooms perfect for attracting bees and butterflies. The blooms last well into autumn and even winter, helping you avoid those 'gappy' autumnal borders.


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Sedum Purple Emperor

Sedum kamtschaticum Variegatum


8. Aster


Asters burst into life in the last days of summer and don't stop until late November, producing a frenzy of daisy-like flowers that will light up your garden just when you thought the season was coming to an end.


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Aster Annabelle de Chazal

Aster agertoides Ezo Murazaki


9. Amarine


A cross between an Amaryllis and a Nerine, sprays of up to ten elegant lily-like flowers appear on tall, upright stems. An excellent flower for cutting as they last so long and look absolutely stunning in the home.


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Amarine belladive Emanuelle

Amarine belladiva Emanuelle


10. Colchicum


These Colchicums may be small in size but they sure do make an impact from autumn to spring, giving a pop of colour. Hardy and durable, they're such an easy plant to grow so you can have beautiful autumn colour in your garden with minimal effort and maintenance.

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Colchicum Tenorei

Colchicum Tenorei


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Happy gardening Haylofters!




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