Top 10 Hellebores

Top 10 Hellebores

Top 10 Hellebores

Here at Hayloft, we love love love hellebores. While all other plants slumber in the depths of winter, hellebores bloom.

They bloom through crisp winter snow, so hardy that the frost is no foe to these wonderfully varied plants. The handsome hellebore can bring a phenomenal amount of interest to the often-colourless gardens of winter. They can be spotted, or striped, plain or picotee, some single, some double and others awesomely anemone-centred, but all are brilliantly undemanding.

Hellebores actually have an interesting past that I’m sure many of you weren’t aware of. Ancient communities once believed that parts of the plant could be used to treat a number of illnesses including gout, paralysis and even insanity. To everyone’s surprise, it was later discovered that these pretty plants had quite the opposite effect. When ingested, they are toxic to humans and those prescribed such medicines began suffering from vertigo and swelling of the tongue and throat, truly unsettling.

Nowadays, we think it best that we just enjoy their beauty and find our remedies elsewhere. We have a fantastic hellebore growing guide that was written with both beginners and experts in mind. It talks you through soil and light preference, watering and feeding, and much more.

Give it a read and you’ll be ready to get planting. Now, we know we have A LOT of hellebores to choose from so we thought we’d list our ten favourites, then maybe your choice will become clearer.

10. Helleborus Double Ellen Picotee

Finally, in tenth spot, it has to be Helleborus Double Ellen Picotee. Another lovely, layered flower with an attention seeking centre, but this time, the petals have a bold purple trim. This is a simple yet sensational choice and would look fantastic planted with a Double Ellen Red or Orientalis Anemone Red.

helleborus double ellen picotee
helleborus anemone super yellow spotted

9. Helleborus Anemone Super Yellow Spotted

Helleborus Anemone Super Yellow Spotted- simply delightful. The angelic yellow colour makes this flower look like its carved from delicate tissue paper. The word ‘anemone’ is used to describe any hellebore with a crown like layer of petals in the centre of the flower, a detail that provides a really unique look. The dash of purple adds a great bit of contrast and really helps that frilly centre stand out.

8. Helleborus Single White Blotched

Changing it up again, number eight is Hellebore Single White Blotched. As the name suggests, these Hellebores have blotches of purple on each petal, that resemble perfect little paint splatters. These are great are for adding something a bit different to the garden.

helleborus double pink dark spot

7. Helleborus Double Pink Dark Spot

Many would argue that this Hellebore deserves to be placed higher, and on another day, I might agree, the decision is tough! Helleborus Double Pink Dark Spot is just magnificent with the almost fake looking pattern and extravagant layers.

6. Helleborus Single Peach Spotted

Number six is the lovely Hellebore Single Peach Spotted. We don’t see many pink, peach colours through the winter, its always about reds, greens and white, and that is why I love this flower. Fun fact too, the peach hellebores are actually some of the rarer ones.

helleborus single peach spotted
helleborus orientalis double white spotted

5. Helleborus Orientalis Double White Spotted

Obviously, we needed to include some spots in here. So, number five is Helleborus Orientalis Double White Spotted. Layers of central petals create a frilly flower that has amazing depth and dimension. The contrasting single and double hellebores look great grown together!

4. Helleborus Single Slaty Blue

Totally different again, but utterly fantastic is the Hellebore in fourth place- Single Slaty Blue. This truly unique colour looks really modern and minimal, the flower almost appears airbrushed!

helleborus single slaty blue
helleborus hybridus golden lotus

3. Helleborus x hybridus Golden Lotus

Moving away from those festive colours, Helleborus x hybridus Golden Lotus steals the bronze spot. Not only is this a stunning flower, its also super rare due to its unusual colour changing double flowers. You’ll get to see the golden yellow petals developed a pretty pink edge as the plant matures.

2. Helleborus Single Green

It must be because we’re feeling the Christmas spirit, but Helleborus single green takes second place in our top ten. The pretty green flower reminds us of a festive wreath on the front door, or a beautiful garland draped over mantel piece. Planted next to the niger, this hellebore looks simply lovely.


1. Helleborus Niger

Of course, in first place, it has to be Helleborus Niger, also known as the Christmas Rose. This beautiful white flower surrounds itself with glossy evergreen foliage and the crisp colour just screams Christmas. It almost makes you believe that snow is on its way.