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Top 10 grow your own fruit

Growing your own fruit and veg is becoming increasingly popular, as we all become more environmentally conscious. There’s also a great sense of achievement that comes from growing your own food and somehow it tastes 10 times better too! Keep reading for our top 10 fruits that you can easily grow at home.


1. Prunus Armeniaca


Before now, Apricots have always been grown in warmer climates, but this dwarf variety is fully hardy, making it perfect for growing here in the UK. Traditionally popular for making jam, the delicious, round, sweet fruits also make a really healthy and tasty snack. Its yummy fruits are not the only thing this plant has to offer though, as it produces beautiful pink bossoms in the spring too. Due to its compact size, it’s ideal for any size garden and will happily grow in a large patio container.

Prunus Armeniaca
 Prunus Armeniaca

2. Solanum Tomato Sweet Million


The name of this tomato explains itself- millions of sweet cherry tomatoes! In summer, this plant will produce an abundance of shiny red fruits, perfect for eating fresh, using in salads or cooking into delicious pasta sauces. Ideal for growing both indoors in a greenhouse or outside on the patio.

Tomato Sweet Million
Solanum Tomato Sweet Million



3. Rubus fruticosus Polarberry

A truly unusual variety, this exciting new blackberry shrub produces large luscious white fruits. A surprising difference to the usual black berries with the added bonus of no stained hands after handling them! A compact, easy to grow plant that’s perfect if you have a small garden or for growing in containers.

  Rubus fruticosus Polarberry

Rubus fruticosus Polarberry

4. Fragaria Albion


An everbearer type of Strawberry, Fragaria Albion will give you sweet red berries from June all the way through to October, giving you enough fruits for you, your family and your friends! The sweet fruits are scrumptious when eaten fresh from the plant, or used to make jams and desserts.

Fragaria Albion
 Fragaria Albion



5. Ficus carica Brown Turkey


With an RHS Award of Garden Merit under its belt, this Fig is one of the very best of its kind. Brown fruits with sweet, red flesh are produced in abundance, ready to pick and enjoy in late summer/early autumn. It’s not only the fruits that are something to shout about though, as the glossy, large, ornamental leaves of this shrub really are something to be admired too.

  Ficus Brown Turkey

Ficus carica Brown Turkey


6. Lycium Barbaum Sweet Success


Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, this vigorous Goji Berry plant produces sweet, with a savoury edge, red super berries that can be used in so many different recipes. Lush green foliage, pink-purple flowers and sumptuous bright red berries makes this plant so pleasing to look at as well as to eat. Incredibly healthy for you and so easy to grow.

  Lycium Barbarum Sweet Success

Lycium Barbarum Sweet Success



7. Prunus Persica Nucipersica


This compact Nectarine tree will make it so easy for you to have your own homegrown fruit every summer. Only growing to 1.5m tall and perfectly happy grown in a large container, this tree can easily be grown in the smallest of gardens. The juicy sweet fruits are exceptional in flavour, delicious when eaten fresh, or used in baking, jams and desserts.

  Prunus Persica Nucipersica

Prunus Persica Nucipersica



8. Rubus Darts Black Cascade


Perfect for a hanging basket, this compact Blackberry shrub produces large, delicious berries on long, trailing stems, making a wonderful display of sweet fruit that are ready to pick and enjoy in late summer/autumn. Once established, just one of these plants is enough to fill a basket and will produce over a kilo of fruits. The stems are thornless too, so no more pricked fingers and scratched hands!

  Rubus Black Cascade

Rubus Darts Black Cascade



9. Malus Elstar


No need to buy your apples from the supermarket when you can pick your own homegrown apples straight from your garden to the kitchen. A heavy cropping apple tree, Malus Elstar will give you armfuls and armfuls of sweet, crisp fruits with bright red flushed skin during autumn. Bite into the crisp, honey-sweet fruits picked straight from the tree or cut them up to use in a fresh fruit salad.

  Malus Elstar

Malus Elstar



10. Physalis Goldvital


Known at the Cape Gooseberry, this plant produces deliciously sweet round orange fruits under delicate, papery lantern-shape casings. Rich in vitamins, these fruits are ideal for eating fresh from the plant or used in desserts, jams and jellies.

Physalis Goldvital

Physalis Goldvital



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