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Top 10 spring flowering bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time for planting your spring flowering bulbs so that they are ready to excite and delight in the new year. With so many to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 spring flowering bulbs and why we love them to help guide you so you can create a stunning spring display.


1. Tulips


Tulips used to be the most expensive flowers you could get and would cost 10 times more than the average salary! Luckily, that’s not the case anymore and now everyone can enjoy them. With such elegant blooms that you can get in pretty much any colour you like, it’s no wonder they’re a bulb favourite.

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Tulip Finola

Tulip Finola

2. Narcissus (Daffodils)


Nothing screams springtime like the blooms of Daffodils as they are one of the first flowers to appear. Their bright and cheerful blooms offer a ray of glowing sunshine in your garden, which is such a welcome sight after the dull winter months.


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Narcissus Irene Copeland

Narcissus Irene Copeland

3. Hyacinths

Without a doubt, Hyacinths have to be one of the most beautiful bulbs and they smell absolutely divine. Amazing planted both outdoors in pots by a doorway or even indoors where the fragrance can fully be enjoyed as you walk by.


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Hyacinth Mix

Hyacinth Mix

4. Muscari


Muscari may be small but they can make a really big impact in your garden, especially when you combine them with other bulbs too. They’re so easy to grow and will thrive pretty much anywhere as long as they get plenty of sunshine. Plus, they have a gloriously musky scent, hence the name Muscari.


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Muscari Ivorís Pink

Muscari Ivor’s Pink

5. Fritillaria


Unusual and exotic looking pendant-shaped blooms that will stand tall and stately over other flowers, Fritillaria will give your garden a majestic Mediterranean feel every spring. Such striking blooms that make excellent cut flowers for you to enjoy in the home too.


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Fritillaria Aureomarginata

Fritillaria Aureomarginata

6. Alliums


The ultimate showstopper, Alliums can really make a dramatic statement in your garden. Often seen in RHS show gardens, we think no garden should be without an Allium. Lots of small, perfectly formed star-shaped blooms create balls of colour that appear to magically float above other perennials.


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Allium Purple Sensation

Allium Purple Sensation


7. Erythronium


A great choice for brightening up shady areas or woodland gardens, Erythronium look stunning grown beneath deciduous trees where they will form clumps, creating a carpet of colour. Nodding blooms, around 10 per stem, appear in early spring over clumps of mottled foliage.


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Erythronium Pagoda

Erythronium Pagoda


8. Eranthis (Winter Aconites)


One of the first bulbs to bloom in early spring, Winter Aconites will light up your garden with their buttercup-like golden yellow blooms above carpets of ferny foliage. Perfect for naturalising in a woodland garden or under shrubs where they will appear to shine in the shade.


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Eranthis Winter Aconite


9. Puschkinia


If you’re after something a bit different to the standard spring bulbs, then Puschkinia is the plant for you. Dainty, star-shaped blooms create an impressive display in pots, borders or rockeries without much fuss, as they are so easy to grow.


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Puschkinia libanotica

Puschkinia libanotica


10. Chionodoxa


Also known as ‘Glory of the Snow’, Chionodoxa certainly are glorious. In early spring a profusion of starry blooms will burst open and dazzle in your garden. Another great bulb for naturalising under trees and shrubs, brightening up those dull and difficult areas of your garden.

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Chionodoxa blue giant

Chionodoxa Blue Giant


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Happy gardening Haylofters!




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