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by Beth Corbett

Beth has been part of the Hayloft family for 6 years, starting in the customer
care department before looking after our magazine and newspaper offers.
Her favourite plant is a fuchsia and her favourite type of garden is cottage style.

1. Lavender


One of the most popular fragrant flowers, the smell of lavender is not only enjoyed in gardens, but lavender essential oil is used in perfumes, cosmetics, bath products and balms to name just a few. The scent also has a relaxing effect and has been shown to help relieve stress and improve sleep.

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Lavender Hidcote

  Lavender angustifolia Hidcote

2. Daphne


Daphne are an absolute winner when it comes to fragrance and give off an intoxicatingly heady scent that will fill your garden for months on end. Daphne’s have even been described as a must-have plant by the RHS and have been voted as one of the most fragrant shrubs in the UK.


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Daphne Pink Fragrance

  Daphne Pink Fragrance

3. Sweet Peas

As you would expect from their name, Sweet Peas have a very sweet fragrance. The Sweet Pea scent is often used in perfumes, reed diffusers, fabric softer and many more, as it’s such a crowd-pleasing aroma.


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Lathyrus Twilight Mix

Lathyrus Twilight Mix

4. Jasmine


Often used for their essential oil which is featured frequently in perfumes, Jasmine offers a rich and sweet fragrance whilst remaining delicate. The scent of Jasmine is often associated with spirituality and healing and recently it has been recognized as being highly relaxing and anxiety-reducing.


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Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine Sambac

5. Roses


Another very popular fragrant flower is of course Roses. The scent of a Rose is absolutely timeless and has been used in perfumes for years. It’s no wonder we give Roses to the one’s we love on Valentines Day, as they look and smell divine.


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Rosa Love Knot

Rosa Love Knot

6. Philadelphus


The fragrance of Philadelphus is truly intoxicating. Their gorgeous perfume will waft across your garden- so much so that you will feel as if you are walking through your own perfumery. Not only do the smell amazing but they look so elegant and sophisticated with white flowers that contrast beautifully with their green foliage.


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Philadelphus Little White Love

Philadelphus Little White Love


7. Honeysuckle


Often used in perfumes, Honeysuckle has an enticingly strong, sweet aroma that is sure to draw you in. The bees and butterflies also agree, as they love the masses of blooms too! A beautiful plant to soften walls, disguise fences and to grow over arches where the clouds of scent can thoroughly be enjoyed.


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Lonicera Caprilia Cream

Lonicera periclymenum Caprilia Cream


8. Hyacinth


Celebrate the arrival of spring with the fabulous fragrance of Hyacinths. Such an easy plant to grow and available in a wide array of bright colours. They really are a feast for the senses! Perfect as cut flowers too, so you can enjoy the scent in your home.


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Hyacinth Mix

Hyacinth Mix


9. Gardenia


Another perfumery favourite, Gardenia offers exquisite flowers and attractive glossy foliage with an equally exquisite fragrance to match. Ideal for planting in a container by a door, where the fragrance will fill your nostrils as you walk by.


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Gardenia Celestial Star

Gardenia Celestial Star


10. Viburnum


Available as both an evergreen or a deciduous shrub, clusters of flowers will attract the pollinators into your garden. Viburnum is both beautiful in appearance and in scent as just one or two branches of Viburnum will fill an entire room with their fragrance!

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Viburnum Charles Lamont

Viburnum Charles Lamont


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Happy gardening Haylofters!




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