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Top 10 bulbs for pollinators


1. Allium Sphaerocephalon


Alliums are some of the most majestic and stately plants, giving height to your borders. Awarded an RHS Award of Garden Merit and listed an a ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ plant, this stunning and reliable summer flowering Allium Sphaerocephalon is a bee magnet. Small spheres of flowers appear above upright stems, almost seeming to float above the foliage.


Allium Sphaerocephalon

2. Fritillaria acmopetala


Rare and unusual, these Turkish beauties are some of the very easiest Fritillaria to grow. Perfect for adding a Mediterranean feel to your garden, the elegant bell-shaped blooms rear their heads in spring, nodding in the breeze. Not only are they loved by bees, they are also rabbit and deer resistant and make interesting cut flowers for your home too.


Fritillaria acmopetala

3. Iris George

Looking for something to suit a small or patio garden? Try this fragrant miniature Iris George. It may be small in size but the bright purple blooms marked will yellow, black and white detail will pop at the front of borders, in containers or planted under shrubs. This stunning spring flowerer has also been awarded the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, so you can be sure that it will perform brilliantly in your garden.


Iris George

4. Crocus King of the Striped


This large flowering Crocus will, as the name suggests, produce bold, purple and white striped flowers during spring. The contrasting vibrant orange centres will be irresistible to passing bees. One of the hardiest of its kind, it’s perfect for naturalising, planted in containers or at the front of borders where it will produce carpets of colour for many years to come.


Crocus King of the Striped


5. Chionodoxa


Each spring, a profusion of bright blue and white flowers will dazzle in your garden. Also known as Glory of the Snow as it is one of the very first bulbs to appear in spring, providing the pollinators with an early source of pollen and nectar whilst most other plants slumber. Perfect for planting under trees and shrubs where they will create a sea of blooms, brightening up those partially shady areas.


Chionodoxa Blue Giant




6. Eranthus hyemalis (Winter Aconite)

The bright buttercup blooms or Eranthus (winter aconite) are a welcome sight in the garden, where they are one of the first flowers to pop their heads above the ground. It’s been awarded both an AGM and has been listed in the RHS ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ list due to their reliable garden performance and how much the pollinators go crazy for them.


Eranthus hyemalis

6. Snowdrops

A sure sign that spring is on its way at last, in the depths of winter, their brilliant white blooms appear, bringing with them great delight. The common Snowdrop is loved by everyone and will quickly grow to form dense clumps in shady woodland areas, or they can be left to naturalise on a lawn. Perfect for providing the pollinators with a source of pollen and nectar when there are not many flowers around in the garden.



6. Crocosmia Lucifer


Whatever the weather, make your autumn garden hot with the fiery red blooms of Crocosmia Lucifer. Arching stems hold sprays of brightly coloured blooms high above the lance shaped foliage, creating movement in the autumn breeze. These magical plants are also drought tolerant and rabbit resistant, ensuring you will have a stunning display for the pollinators, and you, to enjoy, whatever nature throws at them.


Crocosmia Lucifer


9. Camassia Quamash


The perfect companion for low growing plants and shrubs, Camassia are at home in both cottage gardens and modern planting schemes alike. Up to 100, blue, star-shaped blooms are help atop strong stems, each one opening one after another, creating weeks of colour from late spring onwards. Happy in heavy, poorly drained soils, they are so easy to grow and tolerant of most conditions.


Camassia Quamash


10. Colchicum Tenorei


For a bright pop of colour in your autumn garden, look no further than this Colchicum Tenorei. Bold magenta, goblet-shaped flowers appear above pale green stems, packing a punch in your garden whether they are planted under trees, amongst shrubs or along walk-ways. Hardy and durable, these AGM winning beauties are so easy to grow so are a perfect choice for beginners.


Colchicum Tenorei

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