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Top 10 Inspirational Bedding Plants for 2020

It may seem far away, but now is the perfect time to start planning for summer and autumn. With the launch of our new Inspirational Sensations catalogue which is full of bedding plants guaranteed to brighten up your summer garden, we wanted to share with you some of our favourites. Keep reading for our top 10 bedding plants for 2020.


1. Zinnia Zinderella


New to us this year, these Zinnia are sure to be the belle of the ball in your garden with their bright, eye catching blooms. Scabious-like flowers in vibrant shades of peach, purple and orange with raised, fluffy centres will give you armfuls of blooms from summer right until the first frosts. Plus, the bees and butterflies absolutely love them!

Zinnia elegans Zinderella Orange
  Zinnia elegans Zinderella Orange

2. Petunia Constellation


Your baskets will look out of this world with these stunning constellation Petunias. Unique blooms with amazing patterns reminiscent of a star-filled sky, create show-stopping displays over semi-trailing foliage throughout summer and autumn.

  Petunia Constellation Pyxis

  Petunia Constellation Pyxis

3. Double Osteospermums

A plant that certainly has the ‘wow’ factor is Osteospermum. Double, daisy-like blooms appear in spring and continue right through until autumn, making your borders and containers simply stunning. Not only do they look beautiful but they’re also drought tolerant so they won’t curl up and die when we have a heatwave.

  Osteospermum Erato Double Purple

Osteospermum Erato Double Purple

4. Nemesia Sunsatia


Bright and vibrant, just looking at these Nemesia makes you think of sunny, summer days. Sumptuous, sweetly scented, open-mouthed blooms nestle atop tidy mounds of foliage throughout summer and autumn. Perfect in borders and containers and well as making great groundcover too.

  Nemesia Sunsatia

Nemesia Sunsatia Little Orange

5. Anagallis monellii Skylover


Blue plants are bang on trend this year, with classic blue being named the Pantone colour of the year. The incredibly intense vivid blooms of this Anagallis definitely fit the bill and really have to be seen to be believed. Neatly creeping, the foliage is smothered in starry blooms from spring right through until the first frosts without much maintenance needed.

  Anagallis Skylover

Anagallis Monellii Skylover


6. Xerochrysum Bracteatum Granvia Gold


There’s nothing much better than lazing in the garden on a summer’s day, watching the bees and butterflies flit around the garden. These Xerochrysum are absolute bee and butterfly magnets, so you can spend hours watching them land on the huge, golden blooms throughout summer and autumn. Stunning in both borders and containers, the profusion of bright yellow blooms are excellent cut and enjoyed in the home too.

  Xerochrysum Granvia Gold

Xerochrysum Bracteatum Granvia Gold



7. Bidens


Just like a golden waterfall, the bright, sunny blooms of Bidens will happily tumble over the edges of walls, baskets and planters to create an incredible display from spring to late autumn. Creates beautiful weed-suppressing groundcover with flowers that never fail to impress.

  Bidens Taka Tuka

Bidens Taka Tuka White and Yellow



8. Salvia Flamingo


New to us this year, this Salvia Flamingo really stands up to its name. A mass of spires hold shrimp-like clusters of iridescent, flamingo-pink flowers appear all summer long. Another perfect pick if you want to invite the bees and butterflies into your garden, as they just can’t get enough of this plant.

  Salvia Flamingo

Salvia Flamingo



9. Calibrachoa Chameleon


These Calibrachoa will ensure you will have interest all summer and autumn long. Unique colour-changing blooms will provide a beautiful rainbow effect within borders, containers and baskets from June to October and require absolutely no dead-heading, so less work for you! Could you ask for anything more?

  Calibrachoa Chameleon

Calibrachoa Chameleon Pink Passion



10. Silene Pendula Sibella


The impressive eruption of intense colour these Silene make will certainly have heads turning. A ‘must-have’ plant for any passing bees and butterflies, the semi-double blooms appear on trailing foliage from May and into autumn, making them ideal to spill and tumble over your baskets. Another plant that requires no dead-heading, so you can easily have a glorious display of flowers.

Silene Pendula Sibella

Silene Pendula Sibella



Happy gardening Haylofters!




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