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Softwood Cuttings


Softwood cuttings are used to propagate mainly deciduous shrubs such as Buddleja, Perovskia, Hydrangea and Fuchsia and a select number of trees (deciduous magnolia and maples) during early spring time. This method has the highest success rate of any stem cutting and is considered the best method for species that are difficult to replicate.


Step by Step:


To propagate successfully using this method, you should take material from the flexible young shoot tips.

  • Pinch out the soft tip and dip in a hormone rooting powder or liquid. Make sure you have a container with cuttings compost.
  • Make a hole for your cutting and insert into your container.
  • These should then be watered thoroughly and labelled.
  • Place the container with your cutting into a closed propagator case with a temperature ranging from 18-24°C (64-75F). As these cuttings should be kept in a humid environment you can cover the case in a plastic bag, making sure to remove the bag twice weekly for around 10-15 minutes. It is vital that your cuttings are kept in partial sunlight with soil that is kept moist for 6-10 weeks.
  • Once you are happy that your cuttings have rooted successfully you can harden these off for a fortnight and pot them on individually. Increase the ventilation they are exposed to and remove dead or rotting foliage on a regular basis.

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