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Semi-ripe Cuttings


Semi-ripe cuttings are the best way to propagate a wide variety of hardy climbers (Trachelospermum), groundcover plants (Lonicera), shrubs (Magnolia). Semi-ripe cuttings should be taken in late summer until mid autumn.


Step by Step:


There are four different types of semi ripe cuttings. You may need to do a little research to ascertain which method is most suitable for the plants you wish to propagate:

  • Basic: This is where you should cut below a leaf where you will have a ready made cutting.
  • Basal: This is where you should cut the shoot at the base.
  • Heel: This is where the cutting is pulled away from a section of the stem.
  • Mallet: This is where a leaf and its stem are planted as a cutting.

Regardless of the type of cutting you take you will need to place them in a plastic bag as soon as they have been removed from the main plant. Keep these in a cool dry environment until you are able to pot them on. It is recommended they are potted as soon as possible. It is recommended that you dip the bottom end of your cutting into hormone rooting powder and then transfer them into suitable containers that are filled with cuttings compost and a generous amount of sand. Water thoroughly and deeply.

Your cuttings should then be placed within a greenhouse or similar environment out of the view of direct sunlight. Ensure they compost is damp but not over watered. They may benefit from bottom heat if taken in mid-autumn as the temperatures will often drop and may cause slower growth and development from your cuttings.

Tip: Before potting on, place cuttings rooted in a cold greenhouse or under fleece to harden them off.


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