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Layering is considered an easier technique of propagating new plants and plants that do not root well from cuttings such as Magnolia, Cornus, Daphne and Viburnum. Layered shoots are encouraged to produce roots whilst still attached to the parent plant. Layering may be undertaken during autumn or spring.


Step by Step:

  • You should choose flexible young shoots from your plants and shrubs that are easily bent to the level of the soil. Mark the area where the shoot touches the soil with a cane or support. Around 30cm away from the tip of the shoot make an incision approximately 2.5-5cm along the stem to create a wedge. Apply hormone rooting powder to the incision and dig a shallow hole in the soil where the stem should be bent and pegged into place and then secured to the support. Cover the area with soil and water well so that the shoot is set firmly in place.
  • A year or so later you should expect your plant to have developed a healthy root system. You should now be able to cut your layer from the parent plant and transfer to an area of choice or pot to ensure stronger and healthier growth.

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