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Hardwood Cuttings


Hardwood cuttings are an easy method of propagating deciduous climbers such as Lonicera, Jasmine, trees (willows and poplars) and shrubs such as Abelia and Cornus and can be taken during the dormant season from autumn through to winter. Hardwood cuttings can be grown outdoors where only healthy shoots should be chosen.


Step by Step:

  • Take off growth with soft tips, cutting at the base below a single or pair of buds and cut into sections around 15-20cm long.
  • The cut should be made at an angle, which should then be dipped in hormone rooting powder.
  • Prepare an outdoor area to transfer your cuttings that is in a sheltered position with soil that is well-draining.
  • Amend the soil with garden compost and a generous application of organic matter.
  • You can then insert the cuttings into the group or into pots or containers with two thirds of the cutting below the surface.

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