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Grafting takes a part of one plant (called the scion) and unites it with another plant (called the rootstock). The scion may be a single bud, a small twig bearing a few buds, a piece of stem or a terminal shoot (evergreen shrubs and trees).


Grafting Ornamental trees and shrubs:


Step by Step:

  • Side-spliced grafting would usually take place during late winter or early spring before the sign of buds start to break. Scion-wood needs to be taken from healthy wood that is at least 1 year old.
  • Cut the scion wood just above a bud into 15-25cm (6-10in) lengths.
  • Cut the rootstock down to about 7.5cm (3in).
  • Make a downward incision, roughly 3cm (1¼in) below the top of the rootstock.
  • From the top of the rootstock, make a downward sloping cut to meet the first and disregard the remaining slither of wood.
  • Take the scion-wood and make a cut along one side the same length as made on the rootstock.
  • Make a short-angled cut at the base of the scion wood.
  • Fit the base of the scion wood into the rootstock so that the cambiums (green layer just beneath the bark) meet. It is best if they touch on both sides but this is not essential and successful grafting can still be met if they only meet on one side. Ensure cuts are straight to ensure the scion and rootstock fit together.
  • Wrap your graft with grafting tape, polythene strips or raffia and pain any exposed areas with grafting wax.
  • If possible, place in a greenhouse and mist (not water) regularly. A successful graft can be seen in 6-8 weeks.

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