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Erodium Collection

Full Sun Full Sun
Fully hardy perennial Fully hardy perennial
Suitable for Container Suitable for Container
New To Us New To Us

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3 x 9cm pots (1 of each)
Delivered by 06th August 2021
9 x 9cm pots (3 of each)
Delivered by 06th August 2021
15 x 9cm pots (5 of each)
Delivered by 06th August 2021


Erodium are charming alpine geraniums, with all the amazing attributes of their larger, often more well-known cousins. Incredibly floriferous from early summer to autumn, the small, starry, five-petalled, Geranium-like flowers cover the tidy domes of pretty, evergreen foliage. Erodium are versatile, whether grown in a rock garden, filling crevices in walls, or providing excellent weed-suppressing groundcover for drier areas of your borders. The name Erodium comes from the Greek for heron - Erodios - relating to the shape of the seed head that is left when the petals have fallen. Rabbit and slug resistant, Erodium prefer to be grown in a sunny spot in well-drained soil, in borders or containers. Growing to an approximate height of around 10cm (4'), the attractive, grey-green, slightly hairy foliage creates domed cushions to around 25-35cm (10-14') across. Erodium are fully hardy perennials that will become a valuable addition to your garden for years to come with no winter protection required except in the very coldest of areas.
Spring Summer Autumn
10cm (4in)
Pest Resistant Suitable for Container NEW This Year Drought Tolerant Great Ground Cover New To Us
25cm (10in)
Full Sun Part Sun/Part Shade
Pink Purple White
Fully hardy perennial
Cottage Garden Prairie Style planting Container Gardening
Erodium x variabile Bishop's Form (Pink).
Height 10cm (4in). Spread 25cm (10in) New
Erodium pelargoniflorum (White Purple).
Height 25-35cm. Spread 25-35cm
Erodium x variabile Album (Pink White).
Height 10cm (4in). Spread 25-35cm
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