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Welcome a Pet Friendly Garden

Cats & Dogs

We all love our pets and consider them part of the family. Therefore, it is vital that they do not come to any harm whilst out and about in the garden. Many of us unknowingly have poisonous plants in our gardens, and our cats and dogs have merely bypassed them without any adverse repercussions.

However, if you are seeking to take more care with your plant sourcing, it is important to identify some of the more hazardous varieties, incorporating safer options instead, providing you with peace of mind. Another factor to consider are the methods we choose when we seek to control pests and diseases. The only way to undertake this safely for our pets is through natural materials and remedies. The sweetness of any bait is equally as appealing to cats and dogs as it is to the pest that it has been designed to eradicate.

Cat friendly plants:


Cats are renowned for their inquisitiveness and are often cavorting amongst the wilderness of an outside space, exploring and hunting from dawn until dusk. This can make it difficult for us to control the contact they have with potentially harmful plants. However, we can always control what is featured in our own garden. We are therefore proud to announce the best cat friendly plants for your flower beds and borders:

Cat Friendly Plants to Avoid
Camellia Amaryllis
Coreopsis Azalea
Dichelostemma Begonia
Hibiscus Brugmansia
Kniphofia Chrysanthemum
Lavender Clematis
Nasturtium Cyclamen
Nepeta Daffodil
Petunia Dahlia
Rose Digitalis
Scabious Gardenia
Zinnia Geranium

Dog friendly plants:


Dogs have unique personalities and behaviors that only you as its owner can fully understand and are familiar with. Therefore, you know the required actions needed to keep them safe. Some dogs are not fazed by the plants and shrubs they encounter in the garden, whereas others are keen to nibble and frolic amongst your flower beds and borders. Below are listed some the best dog friendly plants that you can incorporate within your own outside spaces:

Dog Friendly Plants to Avoid
Acer Aconitum
Buddleja Amaryllis
Camellia Brugmansia
Coreopsis Cyclamen
Dichelostemma Daffodils
Echinacea Lilies
Forsythia Delphiniums
Geranium Digitalis
Hibiscus Hyacinth
Kniphofia Hydrangea
Nasturtiums Laburnum
Rose Lupin
Scabious Rhododendron
Sempervivum Lathyrus
Zinnia Tulips

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