How to Grow Abeliophyllum
Position – Sun or part shade
Soil – Well-drained
Flowering Period – Winter and spring
Hardiness –  Fully Hardy
About Abeliophyllum
Abeliophyllum are deciduous shrubs that are closely related to the Forsythia. They fashion delicate, ovate leaves that are set upon slender branches and beautifully adorned with fragrant white or pink flowers. The flowering period for this plant is from late winter, merging into early spring.
Abeliophyllum originates from central Korea and is renowned for its medicinal properties.  They are best suited to wall side borders or within pots and containers.
You should expect to see Abeliophyllum grow to an approximate height and spread of 1m-1.5m (40-60”).
How to plant Abeliophyllum
Abeliophyllum are best planted in well-drained soil of loam, sand and chalk within an acidic, alkaline and neutral PH balance. Ensure you have chosen a suitable site to enable ultimate development and growth for your shrubs where they can reach their maximum height and spread without compromising companion plants. Abeliophyllum will thrive when positioned in a sheltered area that captures full sunlight. However, they will equally flourish in part shade.
How to care for Abeliophyllum
Just before the end of spring, cut Abeliophyllum right back or simply prune to tidy up uneven or damaged ends. Protect against cold weather and frosts as this may damage the flowers and any unripe wood. Ensure your shrubs are kept well-watered, taking care not to waterlog the surrounding base and ultimately damage the roots.
How to propagate Abeliophyllum
It is possible to propagate Abeliophyllum by softwood cuttings or by layering.  

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