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Loam Soil


Loamy soils are the perfect combination of sand, clay and silt, taking the best characteristics from each and abandoning the lesser-preferred attributes.

Most plants will thrive when planted within loam based soil and we are considered lucky if we source this in our gardens.

However, even good soils aren’t perfect and it is recommended that a generous amount of organic matter is added to the native soil whilst you are cultivating and digging.

This will supplement the planting area with vital nutrients, improving overall growing conditions.

How do I know if I have Loamy Soil

To determine whether you have loamy soil, fill a jam-jar-sized container with a 1/3 of soil.

Mix with water and a tablespoon of liquid detergent. Shake the jar for a couple of minutes and leave overnight.

If the water is still a little murky with bits of suspended soil, you have a loam-based soil.


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