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Gardening Jobs for March

As the old saying goes March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. The beginning of the month certainly feels like we are still in the wilds of winter and then, by the end of the month, we are soothed with longer, slightly warmer days and delighted by the fruition of our spring bulbs. This shift in seasons, mainly experienced in March, means it is often the month that we start in earnest to venture back outside for enjoyment rather than necessity. If you are looking for reasons to get out into the garden and make the most of the early spring sun, then we have you covered with some tasks for this month.

The green, green grass

March is the month that the lawn starts to wake up after a slow and sleepy winter. While grass is the toughest plant on the planet, sometimes lawns can be a little worse for wear after prolonged cold and wet conditions. Fear not though, this is often easily remedied with a few simple steps. Give the grass a mow on a long/high setting to stimulate growth, then rake over the lawn to loosen any dead grass or moss and agitate the earth underneath. This may make the lawn look quite sparse for a short while so apply some grass seed over the turf (known as ‘over seeding’) and the sparsity will disappear within a couple of weeks. You may find that you do not need to over seed after mowing, remember though that a neaten up of the lawn edges can make a world of difference. Further details of lawn care can be found in our ‘How to keep your lawn looking healthy’ blog.

The gift that keeps on giving

If you were gifted any pot grown bulbs for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, then it is likely that these have now gone over. Do not discard the bulbs, hyacinths can be planted in the garden and paperwhites or amaryllis can be saved until autumn for repotting, all can then be enjoyed again next year. Leave any green foliage attached for any nutrients to feed back into the bulb and then remove once this has died back. This same principle should be applied to other spring bulbs in the garden although it is always beneficial to remove the seed heads from spent flowers to ensure nutrient reserves return to the bulb.

Time to cut back

A number of shrubs can be cut back now so that they can put on robust new growth through the summer. Cornus and cotinus can be cut right down to the base for fiery colour next winter. While winter flowering Jasmine nudiflorum should also be cut back to help keep it under control and promote more flowers for next year.

Feeding time

The latter half of March is the time to feed almost everything in the garden, from herbaceous perennials to lawns and roses. All will benefit from a proprietary feed to give them a boost and make sure that they look their best into summer. We have a range of feeds for everything from mycorrhizal fungi to ericaceous feed, you can find them here.

Get Planting

March also means that we can start enthusiastically sowing and planting for the incoming seasons! Summer flowering bulbs such as lilies, gladioli and crocosmia are timeless classics and a fixture of many of our gardens. For something a little more unusual and exotic look out for our Zephyranthes Rosea for a candy pink addition to the rockery or perhaps Zantedeschia Captain Collection for a stylish way to brighten up a shady part of the border.


Order the annuals

Now is also the time to order your annuals for delivery next month. Annuals can be a great way to add colour into borders, pots and baskets. They allow you to change your colour or theme every year; so why not try something a little bit different to the classic begonias and lobelias and impatiens this season. For example, Amaranthus cruentus Oeschenberg provides rich - feathery flowers right through until October. Nicotiana sanderae Perfume Lime blooms dainty lime-white flowers which illuminate your garden at dusk and emit a perfect fragrance. For something more vivacious pick Zazzy Zinnia Zinderella Collection with its bright pink, purple and orange tones (these last weeks as a cut flower and the bees cannot get enough of them)! If you cannot wait for these to arrive and you want to add some colour to the garden, then there are other plants that you can put in the ground now to tide you over. Hellebores are a classy perennial which are at their best in March. While primulas and violets are a bright and bold option which will brighten up a basket or a pot while you wait for the tulips emerge.

Give Support

The first half of March can still bring some bitter winds and harsh weather to the garden, so it is worthwhile checking any climbing plants which may need more support, or a light prune if appropriate. Check also roses and large shrubs or trees for wind rock as this can loosen the roots and, ultimately, could damage the plant. If it is loosening in the ground then just firm back the earth around it and consider staking the plant until it is well anchored again.

On the move

March is also the ideal time to move perennials as they are still relatively dormant and will take the disruption more readily. This is particularly useful if plants are growing out of their spaces. In the main plants can be lifted and divided so you gain more plants for free! Although, if you are seeking to include new varieties, most perennials and shrubs are still available to buy as bare roots this month. Finally, make sure to weed the garden as you go so that they do not take over the space – this too will give plants the best chance of survival. Don’t forget, Haylofters, we are treated to an extra hour of daylight in the mornings from the end of March when the clocks go forward! Make the most of these longer days to get out into the garden and ease yourself in to the myriad of tasks while we wait patiently for summer.

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