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How to prune Roses

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Bush Roses (English, hybrid and Floribundas):


These varieties of Rose can be pruned during late winter/early spring when the first signs of growth start to emerge. Remove all dead, diseased and damaged wood before you begin to cut. Prune Hybrid stems back to five or six buds from the base and to the point where the previous year’s growth started.

Prune Floribunda and English roses to approximately 30cm above the soil level.


Miniature and patio:


The concept for pruning miniature and patio roses is much the same as for the Bush Roses although undertaken on a smaller scale. Remove dead, damaged or diseased growth, occasionally removing older growth to just above soil level.




Shrub roses should be pruned more regularly than bush roses to retain a healthy and rounded shape. Reduce the main framework by approximately a third and cut the side-shoots by two-thirds. If plants are looking congested, thin out some of the older stems and make way for new growth to develop.




Remove all signs of dead, diseased or damaged wood before undertaking any hard pruning. Rambling groundcover roses may reach considerable length if not controlled. Once the flowering period is over, condense any side shoots. You may need to prune groundcover roses a little harder to keep within the desired boundaries.


Climbing and Rambling:


Climbing roses only require a light prune, removing dead, diseased or damaged wood and retaining a large majority of the framework. Keep new growth and tie in. If your rose is looking a little congested, remove older wood to encourage newer shoots to form and develop.

Rambling roses are often pruned during the summer, once the flowering period is over or during autumn and winter where you have better visibility. Thin out and shorten growth by removing one in three of the oldest stems entirely, keeping any new growth. Prune side-shoots back now to one or two buds to encourage flowering next year.

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