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How to encourage Wildlife

Encouraging wildlife into your garden can provide huge benefits to your plants and to the creatures that roam and settle within it. If your garden is a little short of feathered, furry and winged friends, look no further – there are many simple things you can do that will turn your garden into a wildlife haven:


Choose pollen filled plants

It is important to select plants that are filled profusely with nectar and pollen as this will attract bees and hoverflies that perform an important pollination service, fertilising our favourite varieties to ensure that they can reproduce through seed. Examples of pollen filled plants are: Dianthus, Hesperis, Lavandula, Lychnis, Monarda, Verbena and Weigela.


Grow a variety of shrubs and trees

Shrubs and trees are generally found to support more of our wildlife. Larger varieties can often form as protection, shelter and nesting sites for all types of insects, birds and squirrels. Examples are: Malus, Ilex, Cornus, Viburnum, Prunus and Amelanchier.


Provide food and water

It is important to provide plenty of fresh food and water for birds and nocturnal wildlife such as hedgehogs. During the winter period, it is crucial that supplementary food and water is put in place as this can often be the difference between life and death. Scatter a mix of seeds, fat balls, peanuts and berries around the garden and keep a fresh supply of clean, unfrozen water that is protected from cats and other prey.


Make a rock garden

This needn’t be a large scale architectural job - accumulate a small pile of rocks and stones as this will provide the perfect habitat for insects and for hibernating reptiles and amphibians. If you are fond of keeping a pristine space, tuck these away in hidden corners or at the back of a border or shed.


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