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How to control Weeds

If there is something that infuriates us all, it would be the incessant nature of weeds. Weeds are a relentless feature in our garden and are rife throughout the height of the growing season, usually in spring and summer. It is possible for all types of weed to be eradicated without the use of chemical control, although deep rooted weeds in awkward positions may be more problematic to remove. There is never a perfect time to remove weeds – it is possible to control them at any time whenever they become troublesome or look unsightly. Natural methods of weed prevention and removal will mean that repeat control is necessary.

Manual Removal

For weeds that are growing within flower beds and borders, you should be able to run a hoe over the effected area, killing off most seedlings. Try to remove any visible seeds or roots as this will prevent any regrowth. You are also able to remove perennial weeds using a hand fork, weed knife, trowel or by hand ensuring that you remove as much of the root as possible. For large and overgrown areas that are congested with weeds, it may be necessary to cut these down to ground level with a strimmer – if this is undertaken regularly, it will eventually weaken the weeds and discourage them to grow back in the same vigorous state.


It is possible to help prevent and suppress weeds using a layer of mulch such as bark or wood chip – keep this topped up regularly and ensure that it does not come into contact with the stems or foliage. You may alternatively wish to use root barriers which will help to prevent the spread of perennial weeds, and will stop invasive plants from becoming too intrusive within flower beds and borders.


Groundcover fabrics are useful on clear beds and borders and will suppress regrowth of weeds. There are different forms of groundcover fabrics each with their own individual benefits and limitations. Therefore you may need to check which is best suited to your garden and requirements.


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