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Hayloft goes green


Over the Easter weekend this year, the UK broke its record for the longest period without generating electricity from coal, which lasted more than 90 hours. 42% was generated by gas, 23% from nuclear, 12% from wind, 11% from solar, 7% from imports, 4% from biomass and 1% from large hydro.

Here at Hayloft we are proud to say that we too are part of this move to become more environmentally friendly. On the 28th of March, we had solar panels installed, reducing our carbon footprint as a business.


Installed by Geo Green Power, these solar panels generate enough energy to power the electricity here in the office building and within five years, we will have generated enough electricity to make our money back from installing the panels.

It doesn't stop there either. Here at Hayloft we recycle almost all of our waste, sending only one skip of waste a year to landfill. Plastic trays that our plants come in get recycled along with cardboard, all glass gets recycled and our organic waste goes to compost, which then gets recycled back onto the ground. It's safe to say we're pretty proud of this!


How can you get involved?


With this in mind, we would like to encourage everyone to make efforts, no matter how small, to become more environmentally friendly and this can start in the garden with these 3 tips to get you started...


1. Save water by installing a water butt-


By installing a water butt in your garden, you can reduce your water usage and save money. The water can then be used for your plants. It's a win-win!


2. Choose plants that encourage bees and other wildlife into your garden, like this Salvia Ulignosa-

Unfortunately, bee populations are currently in decline and under threat of extinction, so plant a bee-friendly garden to help give them the nectar and pollen they need.


2. Make your own compost-

Turn your food waste into a fantastic nutrient-rich compost you can use for your plants to help them flourish.


Happy gardening Haylofters!




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