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Halloween At Home


By Georgia

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If you’ve been into a supermarket, retail store, or basically anywhere lately then you’ll definitely know that this Saturday is Halloween. Falling on a Saturday, it would usually be a night full of spooky parties and dressed up drinkers, but not this year. With a 10pm curfew and restrictions on group numbers, things are going to be quite different, but they definitely don’t need to be dull. Us brits will simply have to have our own hallowed evenings at home. If you’ve got children or grandchildren, keep reading because we’ve got some fantastic decoration ideas to keep them entertained and you sane!

Devilish Decor


Pumpkin Vase


Halloween Wreath


If you’re feeling super creative, make a Halloween themed wreath.

People very often think wreath making is extremely difficult or expensive but that is certainly not the case.

Here’s what you need:

• A wreath form
• Floral wire, floral tape, or floral pins
• Twine
• Craft Glue
• Pruning shears or snips
• Ribbon
• Flowers (we recommend using the flowers mentioned above)
• Autumn leaves
• Embelishments (berries, Jack Be Little pumpkins, glitter etc)


Assuming you have an 18” wreath as your base, your going to first want to cut all of your flowers so that the stems are 6-8 inches long. Grab handfuls of flowers to form around 10 clusters and wrap twine around each cluster to hold them together.

Attach each cluster to your base using you wire, tape, pins, or twine, making sure to cover the messy attachments up with another cluster.

Once you’ve attached your flower clusters all the way round your base, you can add your autumn leaves and decorations using craft glue. Luckily, the fullness of the wreath should disguise any glue, pins, tape, or ties.

If you have a go at making anything, we’ve recommended, please do get in touch, and send us your pictures. We love to share them on our socials!

Happy Halloween Haylofters!

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