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How to Grow Zantedeschia


Position – Full sun or part shade

Soil – Well-drained

Flowering Period – Late Spring or mid-Summer

Hardiness –  Tender to hardy (Dependant on variety)

About Zantedeschia

Zantedeschia are deciduous or semi-evergreen tuberous perennials that can be split into two forms. Outdoor varieties are often called Arum lilies where tender forms are typically known as Calla lilies. Care and planting instructions differ depending on their species. Most varieties display large, glossy lance-shaped leaves which bend and curl in attractive undulating waves. Flowers will form a large and erect spadix alongside an elegant hooded spathe. You should expect to see Zantedeschia grow to an approximate height of 40-90cm (16”-3’) and a spread of 25-90cm (10”-3’). Please take care when handling Zantedeschia, as they are highly toxic if ingested into your system and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

How to plant Zantedeschia

Hardy – At the time of planting, choose an appropriate site that has shelter from intense, midday heat and amend the soil with an application of organic matter. Plant your bulbs to that the pointed tip is slightly above the soil level. Water thoroughly to settle your bulbs in place. Tender – These varieties are best suited as houseplants where they should be kept in a cool, light and airy environment. Keep in containers, using a loam based compost, planting your bulbs so that the pointed tip is slightly above soil level. Water thoroughly to settle your bulbs in place.

How to care for Zantedeschia

Hardy – Zantedeschia should be watered freely during the summer, keeping soil cool and moist during periods of drought. You may wish to provide a fortnightly feed with a balanced liquid fertiliser to increase bloom and foliage quality and provide an annual mulch in autumn using well-rotted compost. Tender – You may wish to feed your lilies fortnightly when the foliage is in active growth, refraining from further feed whilst your plants are in flower. Water when the soil becomes dry to the touch, taking care not to over water.

How to propagate Zantedeschia

It is possible to propagate Zantedeschia by division during the spring.

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