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How to Grow Skimmia


Position – Part Shade

Soil – Well drained

Flowering Period –Spring

Hardiness –  Fully Hardy

About Skimmia

Skimmia are compact evergreen shrubs with shiny strap-shaped, fragrant leaves and small clusters of white or yellow flowers that are followed on by glossy berries. The highly attractive foliage will produce exquisite year-long interest. Most have male and female flowers on separate plants. Skimmia are best suited to flower beds and borders within coastal, cottage and informal garden settings. You should expect to see Skimmia grow to an approximate height and spread of 1m (40”).

How to plant Skimmia

Skimmia are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of sand or loam within an acidic and neutral PH balance. They are best positioned in an area of part shade as full sun can often scorch the foliage and full shade can cause these shrubs to become leggy. At the time of planting, add plenty of ericaceous compost to the soil and work in well, watering your Skimmia thoroughly once it has been placed in the planting hole.

How to care for Skimmia

Skimmia require very little care and can tolerate some level of neglect. If planted in an appropriate site with reasonable soil and water, it should not be necessary to prune or feed your shrub, making it the perfect choice for those with limited time. Keep the soil moist, increasing volumes of water provided during periods of drought.

How to propagate Skimmia

It is possible to propagate Skimmia by seed sown in containers during autumn. Alternatively, you may wish to propagate by semi-ripe cuttings in late summer.

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