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How to Grow Lavender


Position – Full sun

Soil – Well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer

Hardiness –  Hardy to half hardy (dependent on variety)

About Lavender

Lavender are compact and intensely aromatic evergreen shrubs with tall, upright stems and small tube-like flowers that form dense spikes during the summer. They are incredibly attractive to bees and make excellent cut and dried flowers. They are famously used as a relaxant and can aid insomnia and stress. Lavender are best suited to flower beds and borders within cottage, informal and courtyard garden settings. You should expect to see Lavender grow to an approximate height and spread of 50-60cm (20-24”).

How to plant Lavender

Lavender is best planted in well drained soil of chalk, sand or loam with a preference to an alkaline PH balance. They will tolerate clay soil, but this does pose a slight challenge for these shrubs in wet conditions, therefore the soil will need to be amended with rounded stone and pebbles. Dig a hole just deep enough for the plant to fit and blend together equal parts bone meal, lime and well composted manure – February is generally the perfect planting time for Lavender.

How to care for Lavender

It is recommended to keep young Lavender plants in part shade before you transplant them into your flower beds or borders. Provide a thorough and deep watering regime, permitting time for them to dry slightly before applying another deep watering. As your shrub establishes, water deeply and meticulously every 10 days or so in their first two years. You should prune Lavender once a year by removing a 1/3 of the foliage, taking care not to cut the woody part of the plant – this should be undertaken whilst the plant is dormant.

How to propagate Lavender

It is possible to propagate Lavender by semi-hardwood cuttings.

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