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How to Grow Heuchera


Position – Full sun or part shade

Soil – Moist, well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer with year long foliage interest

Hardiness –  Fully hardy

About Heuchera

Heuchera are often referred to as Coral bells and Alumroot. They are mostly evergreen, clump forming perennials that are famous for their intensely vibrant foliage colour and panicles of small, tubular flowers. Attractive, rounded and palmately lobed leaves display an abundance of colour in a variety of autumnal shades. Flowers appear during the summer but you can enjoy colour from its foliage all year-round. Heuchera look particularly attractive in flower beds and borders within cottage, rock, coastal and informal garden settings. They also make a great addition when planted beneath shrubs and roses. You should expect Heuchera to grow to an approximate height of 30-45cm (12-18”) and a spread of 30cm (12”). All species of Heuchera are native to North America.

How to plant Heuchera

Heuchera are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of sand or loam within a neutral PH setting. It may be necessary to amend the soil by adding in compost, rotted manure or other organic material. This will provide vital nutrients and will add air pockets to the soil enabling the roots to access oxygen. Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball and fill with loosened soil. A layer of mulch is beneficial to retain moisture levels and prevent weeds. Water thoroughly and deeply to settle the soil in place. Heuchera prefer a sheltered position in full sun although will tolerate areas of part shade to prevent burning.

How to care for Heuchera

Heuchera are low maintenance and easy to look after. They do not require a regular feed although a slow-release fertiliser is recommended should you need to feed your Heuchera. These plants require good drainage, so take care to not overwater them. Ensure the soil is kept moist but not waterlogged. Too little water will cause wilting. Keep the foliage in place all year round as this will benefit your plants for the following season.

How to propagate Heuchera

It is possible to propagate Heuchera by division during the autumn.

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