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How to Grow Gazania


Position – Full sun

Soil – Moist, well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer

Hardiness –  Tender

About Gazania

Gazania are annual or evergreen perennial plants with large daisy-like blooms that showcase vibrant two-tone or multi-coloured combinations atop strong, thick stems and bushy foliage. Most have a spreading habit so will require plenty of space to expand and grow. They are best placed within flower beds and borders within cottage, courtyard and informal garden settings. They are also fantastic when placed on a patio in pots and containers. You should expect to see Gazania grow to an approximate height of 15cm (6”) and a spread of 30cm (12”).

How to plant Gazania

Gazania are best planted in well-drained soil of loam and sand within an acidic, neutral and alkaline PH balance. You should plant Gazania during the spring, spacing each plant around 30cm (12”) apart to form a tight groundcover mat. After planting you should keep the soil moist until you see new growth appear. Gazania are best positioned in an area of full sun where they will thrive to optimum effect.

How to care for Gazania

Once Gazania are better established they are relatively drought tolerant although care should be given in extreme and prolonged periods of dry weather. If water is required, this should be undertaken in the morning as Gazania are prone to powdery mildew and root rot if the plants have been wet for too long. Pinch fading flowers to encourage a prolonged flowering period and prune annually during late winter and early spring, cutting to around 3 inches off the ground. Gazania should be fed after pruning during its second season of growth alongside a thorough bout of watering.

How to propagate Gazania

It is possible to propagate Gazania by softwood cuttings in late summer.

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