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How to Grow Eucalyptus


Position – Full sun

Soil – Well-drained

Flowering Period – Spring and summer

Hardiness –  Usually considered hardy(can vary with individual varieties)

About Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus are attractive evergreen trees and shrubs with often attractive foliage and strong, slender stems. The foliage is often used as part of flower arrangements due to its gorgeous yet subtle colour. Larger varieties will showcase interesting bark, flowers and even fragrance. You should expect to see Eucalyptus grow to an approximate height of up to 30m (100’) depending on variety.

How to plant Eucalyptus

Ensure you choose an appropriate planting area that will accommodate the mature size of your shrub or tree. Eucalyptus are best planted in well-drained soil. Amend the planting area with plenty of compost to improve drainage if you have heavy soil. Dig a hole that is twice the width and the same depth as the root ball. Do not feel tempted to spread the roots as this can cause detriment to their sensitive root system. Back fill the planting area, gently firm and water thoroughly.

How to care for Eucalyptus

During immaturity, it may be necessary to apply a thick layer of mulch around the base of your Eucalyptus as this will suppress weeds and keep the soil cool and moist. Water well during dry spells for the first 5 years after planting. After this time, Eucalyptus are generally drought tolerant. When Eucalyptus have fully matured it should little pruning other than to control shape and size. If your shrub or tree needs complete rejuvenation, it may be necessary to cut right back to ground level as this will encourage healthy, new growth.

How to propagate Eucalyptus

It is possible to propagate Eucalyptus by seed as cuttings are difficult to root.

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