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How to Grow Echeveria


Position – Full sun

Soil – Well-drained

Flowering Period – Spring

Hardiness –  Tender

About Echeveria

Echeveria are evergreen succulent perennials or subshrubs, native to Mexico with attractive rosettes of thick fleshy leaves and groups of urn-shaped flowers throughout spring. They are best suited in small pots and containers in a cool, airy environment such as a conservatory or a greenhouse. You should expect to see Echeveria grow to an approximate height and spread of 50cm (20”).

How to plant Echeveria

Echeveria are best planted in pots and containers within cacti compost. You should amend the compost with additional grit or gravel to improve drainage. You may wish to transplant your succulent to a larger container when they become pot bound during spring. Position Echeveria in a sunny position all year round where they will absorb plenty of light and heat. Central heating is not an issue so long as you provide sufficient water to prevent them from drying out. After planting, water thoroughly and deeply.

How to care for Echeveria

Water Echeveria freely throughout active growth, although you should allow the soil to dry out between applications. This is also relevant during summer, autumn and winter. Pruning is often not necessary as propagation can often neaten the appearance of your Echeveria. House plants can accumulate dust which is prevalent on the fleshy foliage of succulents – take care to remove dust from your plants with a damp cloth.

How to propagate Echeveria

It is possible to propagate Echeveria by seed, leaf cuttings or from offsets.

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