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How to Grow Callistemon


Position – Full sun

Soil – Moist, well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer

Hardiness –  Half hardy

About Callistemon

Callistemon are fragrant, evergreen shrubs with attractive, feathery lance-shaped leaves and long spikey funnels of vibrant blooms that cluster together to produce a mass of colour and texture during late spring and summer. They are often referred to as the Bottlebrush plant. Callistemon are best planted along wall-side borders within city and courtyard gardens. You should expect to see your blooms grow to an approximate height of 70-90cm (28-36”) and a spread of 60-90cm (24-36”).

How to plant Callistemon

Callistemon are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of sand, clay and loam within an acidic or neutral PH balance. They are best positioned in a sheltered spot with access to full sunlight as this is where they will thrive best. As they are half hardy, bear in mind that they will need protection from cooler temperatures and threats from frost. At the time of planting, allow 4-6” of space between each plant to enable them to grow to their fullest and most abundant shape and structure.

How to care for Callistemon

Established Callistemon plants should not require regular pruning unless it has lost healthy shape and structure or if it has outgrown its position. This can be undertaken in stages during the summer, cutting back older wood and leaving young wood with emerging shoots. This will not only tidy its shape but will encourage healthy and abundant future growth. Soil needs to be free draining but kept in a consistently damp condition for it to fully thrive.

How to propagate Callistemon

It is possible to propagate Callistemon by seed or by semi-hardwood cuttings.

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