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How to Grow Brugmansia


Position – Full sun

Soil – Moist, well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer and Autumn

Hardiness –  Tender

About Brugmansia

Brugmansia are evergreen or semi-evergreen shrubs, more commonly known as ‘Angels Trumpet’ due to their large trumpet-shaped blooms. These elegant and pendulous flowers erupt from fascinating pods during summer and autumn to create a spectacular display with an often-delicious fragrance and stunning ovate leaves. Brugmansia are best suited as container plants within a cottage and informal garden setting, conservatory or greenhouse. You should expect to see your plants grow to an approximate height of 1.8m (6’) and a spread of 1m (40”). Please take care when handling Brugmansia, as they are highly toxic if ingested into your system.

How to plant Brugmansia

Brugmansia are best planted in moist but well-drained soil of chalk, clay, sand and loam within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance if you are positioning these in beds and borders. However, it is recommended that these plants are grown in containers so that they are easily transferable during cold weather. Not only that, but Brugmansia make a stunning feature on a patio. Well-draining potting media is best used in containers and these should be kept in a sheltered, yet sunny position, taking care that they are protected from overnight temperatures.

How to care for Brugmansia

Ensure that your Brugmansia are watered thoroughly if they are left to grow outdoors from spring to autumn alongside applying a balanced liquid fertiliser every month. During winter, the watering schedule should be considerably reduced to prevent overwatering. Brugmansia are naturally vigorous growers but are tolerant of hard pruning which may be required if it starts to lose its shape or imposes on companion plants. You should be able to cut back within 2.5cm (1”) of older wood. Pruning should be undertaken during October when plants are ideally transferred indoors (or when the first sign of frost arrives).

How to propagate Brugmansia

It is possible to propagate Brugmansia by semi-ripe cuttings and softwood cuttings that should be inserted into sandy, free-draining compost during spring or autumn.

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