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How to Grow Begonia


Position – Sun or part shade

Soil – Well-drained

Flowering Period – Spring or summer (dependant on variety)

Hardiness –  Tender

About Begonia

Begonia are annuals, evergreen or deciduous perennials or shrubs, some are grown for ornamental purposes and some for their divine foliage. Tuberous begonias flourish with large blooms and are a firm favourite with ardent gardeners for their colour and long flowering season. The hardy tuberous Begonia can be a striking addition to borders especially in the latter part of the season, whereby the Semperflorens variety are a striking feature throughout the summer to when the first frosts take hold.

How to plant Begonia

Begonia look fantastic in baskets and containers. They thrive in well-drained soil of sand, clay and loam but must be kept moist until they are fully established. Most varieties of Begonia should be planted in March or April when all signs of frost have passed. If you start your plants off indoors, you may wish to harden them off as the season progresses.

How to care for Begonia

Begonia should be watered at regular intervals during the initial stages of growth. This should be sustained throughout the season taking care not to dampen the foliage. Keep watering at the base of your plant to prevent scorching. Begonia should be fed on a weekly basis with a high potassium feed to gain the best results. Generally, there is little need to prune Begonia unless they become unruly. Simply take a little off where you deem necessary and do not shear of large clumps of foliage.

How to propagate Begonia

It is possible to propagate Begonia by leaf cuttings or by sections of the rhizome.

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