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How to Grow Asparagus


Position – Full sun

Soil – Moderately fertile and well-drained

Flowering Period –n/a

Hardiness –  Fully hardy

  Where to plant

Where to plant Asparagus


Asparagus plants will suit mostly any soil type, as long as the soil is moderately fertile and well-drained. They prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline PH balance, so if your soil is acidic you may need to amend this. They are best positioned in an open area that receives full sun.

Find out more about soil types and how to determine your soil type by clicking here

  How to plant

How to plant Asparagus


Amend the soil with organic matter before planting. Plant in rows by digging trenches around 20cm (8in) deep and 30cm (12in) wide. Make a ridge of soil down the centre of each trench around 10cm (4in) high. Plant Asparagus on top of this ridge. Spread the roots evenly when planting and then cover with soil, leaving the tops of the crowns just visible. Water the plants in and mulch with organic matter. Leave 30-45cm (12-18in) between each plant and 45cm (18in) between each row.

    How to care for

How to care for Asparagus


Mulch in late winter with organic matter to keep moist and suppress weeds (a weed mat can also be used). Plants may need to be staked in summer when they become tall to avoid any damage to the crowns. Allow foliage to turn yellow in the autumn before cutting down to soil level.

  How to propagate

How to propagate Asparagus


It is possible to propagate Asparagus by seed or division.

You can find more information on how to propagate plants by clicking here


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