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How to Grow Araujia


Position – Full sun or part shade

Soil – Moist, well-drained

Flowering Period – Summer and Autumn

Hardiness –  Tender

About Araujia

Araujia are tender, evergreen climbing shrubs that are most commonly known as the cruel plant. The reason behind their common name is due to their intense fragrance which attracts night moths that seek nectar. The flowers are designed to then trap unsuspecting moths. Long twining stems display highly attractive and fragrant flowers throughout summer and autumn. These are followed on with inflated fruits that contain silky-tufted seeds. They look highly attractive against wall-side borders within city and courtyard gardens. The growth rate is impressive and enthusiastic, growing up to 3m (9’) each year. Araujia are native to South America.

How to plant Araujia

Araujia are best planted in moist, well-drained soil of sand, chalk and preferably loam within an acidic, alkaline or neutral PH balance where temperatures do not drop below zero degrees. These plants are tender and so are best kept indoors within a conservatory or similar environment. If planted outdoors, they are best suited to a position of full sun although they will tolerate part shade in a light woodland area. Locate in a site that will accommodate its mature height and spread.

How to care for Araujia

Araujia are fast growing and have the potential to reach to a substantial height and spread quickly. It is therefore recommended that pruning is undertaken to retain a pleasing shape and to control its size so that it does not become invasive to companion plants, passages or buildings. Water plants when the soil becomes dry to the touch, increasing the volume during periods of drought.

How to propagate Araujia

It is possible to propagate Araujia by seed sown when ripe or during the spring time.

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