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Gardening for wellbeing


While many of us may be stuck in our homes, now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy our gardens. Gardening has so many great benefits and is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Why is gardening so beneficial?

Is gives you a great sense of achievement

One of the great joys of having your own garden is watching a plant grow and thrive from just a small plant into a mature specimen. It’s so gratifying to see your efforts in the garden be rewarded with a beautiful display of blooms for you to enjoy.

It reduces stress

Getting out in the garden gives us a great chance to step away from our screens and the negativity that sometimes comes along with this and reconnect with nature instead. It gives us something else to focus on and put our efforts into where we can forget about our day-to-day worries and stressors.

It's a great form of exercise

Working in the garden is not only a fun activity but it’s also a great way to exercise. This exercise of course is great for your health, but your body will also release endorphins, boosting your mood to make you feel happier.

Our top tips for creating your own relaxing garden oasis


1. Choose plants that the bees and butterflies love

  Phlox mix

  Phlox Mix

There’s nothing better than sitting in the garden, watching the pollinators flit around from plant to plant, feasting on pollen and nectar. Choose plants like this Phlox with it’s bright blooms and strong perfume, perfect for attracting bees and butterflies.

Click here to read our blog post on the Top 10 plants for bees.

2. Opt for plants with a calming fragrance


  Lavender Essence Purple

Filling your garden with fragrant flowers is such a great way to entice you outside. Plants such as Lavender and Jasmine give off wonderful heady fragrances that have been proven to reduce anxiety, making you feel more relaxed.

3. Pick calming colours


  Laurentia Minitaka Blue

Surrounding yourself with relaxing colours can also have a positive impact on your mood. Try picking plants in colours such as light pink, white and blue, like this Laurentia. These pastel colours will help to make you feel calm and soothed.

4. Encourage birds into your garden

  Bird feeder

  Lutyens Swing Seat Bird Feeder

Why not invite the birds into your garden with a bird feeder, such as this attractive Lutyens swing seat feeder? It’s so relaxing to just sit back, watching the birds flock into your garden, listening to the beautiful sound of birdsong.

5. Grow your own fruit


  Shop Fruit

Not only does growing your own fruit give you a great sense of achievement, it tastes to much better than buying it from the shops too and it’s better for the environment. Plus, fruit is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants.

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