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Our Environmental Commitment

Here at Hayloft, we have always looked to be as eco-friendly as possible and keep on top of environmental developments both in the industry and in the wider world.

Alongside this awareness, we need to ensure that you still receive healthy, vigorous plants with optimum growth potential, and we are not prepared to compromise this.

As with so many things, a delicate balance is therefore needed when it comes to growing plants and looking after our surroundings. Not everyone wishes to pay more for environmentally friendly products and there is a compromise to be found between cost to your pockets and cost to the environment. Rest assured, however, it is to the fore of our mind at all times, and we always strive to do our best for you, your plants and our planet.

Sustainability is a ‘hot topic’ within the growing world and the world at large. In light of this, we thought you would like to hear about some of our efforts and see more clearly what has been happening behind the scenes both recently and for a number of years. So here is our not so Secret Seven…


We installed a ground source heat pump in 2021 so that we could sustainably heat our greenhouse and packing area. This upgrade is saving over 39 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year – that’s the equivalent of around 39 hot air balloons’ worth! We intend to extend this ‘good practice’ further with 2 air source heat pumps shortly.


We use solar panels to generate the equivalent of £32K of electricity (at 2021 prices) and save 64 tonnes of CO2 per annum. That’s another 64 hot air balloons’ worth – making over 100 in total!


Our state-of-the-art, new premises have 6 electric vehicle charging points which are made available, free of charge, to staff who have invested in environmentally friendly cars. We also have LED lighting across our premises to minimize cost and carbon usage whilst giving much better-quality light for our offices and nursery.


We have installed a reservoir along with two large water storage tanks so that we can collect as much water as possible for irrigation. In addition to this, plant watering regimes are zoned and controlled in the greenhouses to minimize waste.

As a further benefit, we have put duck houses on the reservoir and ponds, along with bat roosting and bird nesting boxes to encourage and maintain our local wildlife. This makes our premises harmonise with the surrounding landscape and gives a more positive, natural ambience to the site – great for staff too!


Peat – we have been working hard to reduce the levels of peat in the compost we both use and supply. This must be done without compromising the root structures and overall quality of our plants. Where feasible plants are grown in wood fibre or coir mixes to redress the balance. We also ensure that there is a coir alternative available to customers.

We only supply compost from Bulrush – they are based in Co. Londonderry and owned by a an ecologically aware Danish Company named Pindstrup who use a method called 'Vacuum Harvesting' to gather the peat. This harvesting method allows for the long-term sustainability of wetlands and peat bogs. Pindstrup is part of ‘Growing Media Europe’ and the ‘International Peat Society’; both of whom work to ensure no long-term ecological harm is sustained by bogs and wetlands.

No peat from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is used in Bulrush products. Under current legislation, the only peat cut in in the island of Ireland must be used for domestic (home heating) purposes and not for horticulture. This ethical approach is the reason Hayloft sell Bulrush products.


We champion the use of Integrated Crop Management - whereby natural predators and parasites are used to control pests and diseases rather than chemicals. Whilst it is not always possible to use this method only, we only ever resort to chemical spraying when all other methods have been unsuccessful. We’d much rather our plants come supplied with built-in resistance to make them stronger and healthier for the future.


Recycling – cardboard, plastic, glass and cans are recycled (including black propagation trays). Where possible pots are re-used until they are no longer fit for purpose, thus minimising waste and ensuring that domestically ‘tricky to recycle’ plastic plant pots (black and taupe) do not enter the refuse chain unnecessarily. We would ask you to do the same whenever and wherever possible and emphasise that we continue to search for viable and economical replacements for the plastic that we do use. Our aim is to eliminate single use plastics and replace them with those that are reusable, recyclable or compostable within the next decade.

Any surfeit or second-grade plants and bulbs are donated to local good causes and charities rather than wasted. Regular recipients are St Richard’s Hospices, Gloucester Gateway, Pershore High School and Evesham Adventure Playground along with local parish councils and churches.

Our ecological journey is one, bizarrely, that has no fixed destination. Whilst we know where we are aiming for now, the aspirational goalposts move continuously. Our role as a company, a collective and as individuals is to do what we can, when we can.

We will endeavour to keep up with current and new developments within our industry and the wider field to ensure that every sustainable effort is made. We will encourage our suppliers and our staff to do the same as, to quote the old adage, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first steps’ and, whilst we are pleased with the progress we have made to date, we cannot fail to acknowledge we still have some way to go and we really want you on this journey with us.

Happy gardening Haylofters…

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