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Create a Cottage Garden

The cottage garden is the embodiment of a quintessentially quaint and forgotten time. When we think of a cottage garden we conjure up picturesque visions of soft colour and undulating waves of movement, shapes and plumy textures. Popular and timeless collections of blooms complement one another in colour and style with an informal and deceptive appearance, as though these blooms have been effortlessly thrown together.

Planting CombinationsDigitalis, Lavender, Delphinium, Aquilegia, Phlox, Dianthus, Roses, Geranium.

Cottage Garden

Enrich the planting area with organic matter and mix with the native soil thoroughly. This will not only improve drainage to heavy soils but will nourish the existing site. Generally, cottage gardens thrive in sunny spots and therefore it is vital that your garden has plenty of access to direct sunlight.

Planting a Cottage Garden

Cottage gardens appear effortlessly thrown together, although this is far from the truth. Thought and careful planning will need to be undertaken to accomplish a desired tapestry of texture and colour.

Create height at the back of a border with Delphinium and Digitalis, spacing plants close together to form beautiful clumps of colour. Blousy blooms such as roses will create a dreamy and romantic feel, trailing across structures or alternatively set within beds and borders.

Plant Alcea (Hollyhock) against walls or buildings and combine with clumps of Aquilegia, Phlox and Dianthus. Add sensual fragrance to the edges of borders and along pathways with small bunches of roses, honeysuckle or wisteria.

Get creative by planting up old wooden wheelbarrows, and incorporate decorative features such as antique garden tools and watering cans to add to the classic ‘working garden’ look.


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