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Clay Soil


Soils that are rich in clay particles are known are ‘heavy’ soils.

Conditions of this type are renowned for being difficult to handle, as they become a sticky mess in the winter and are like that of a concrete block during summer.

The main benefit of clay soil is that it is often extremely fertile.

It is always recommended to make improvements to clay soil by providing supplementary material to make it easier to work with and to improve drainage.

Clay soil is renowned for retaining moisture. Manure, leaf mould, composted bark or garden compost will improve the conditions of clay soil and will make it a lot easier to manage and handle.

Throughout active growth, it is also beneficial to apply a thick layer of mulch such as compost or shredded leaves.

How do I know if I have Clay Soil?

Clay is often one of the easier soil classifications to identify as it is often a sticky and thick substance, hard to dig and work.

One method that will recognize clay soil is to roll a handful into a ball.

If it looks more like dough with no cracking or flaking, it is likely that your soil is predominantly made up of clay.


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