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History and Origin:

Penstemon is a genus of approximately 250 species within the Plantaginaceae family, although was once placed within the Scrophulariaceae family. They are native to North America and East Asia. The first publicized description of Penstemon was in the works of John Mitchell in 1748. Further to this, Carl Linnaeus wrote about them in 1753, although altered the spelling to ‘Pentstemon’, referring to the Greek term ‘penta’, meaning ‘five’, in reference to the plants fifth stamen. Both terms were widely used long into the 20th century although today it is more commonly spelt and pronounced ‘Penstemon’.


Penstemon are evergreen or deciduous perennials or sub-shrubs with narrow, modest leaves and elegant bell-shaped flowers that neatly form tall majestic spires throughout summer into early autumn. They are popular plants to suit a range of garden styles including informal, courtyard and cottage and are easy to maintain and grow.

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