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I joined Hayloft in January 2016 having graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2014 and relocating to the market town of Evesham, Worcestershire from my family home in the depths of rural Dorset.

I look after the social media, blogs, website, charity campaigns and dabble in the world of digital marketing.

Out of work I love to spend time with my friends and family. I love to write, draw, wine and dine in and out of the home, upcycle, play sport, dance, and race cars.

A little more about me

Becky 3

Ask Becky...

What is your favourite plant and why?

Roses - Not only are they beautiful but they remind me of my grandfather as they used to line the pathway to his and my grandmothers house.

What is your favourite style of garden?

Cottage - I love the textures and overall look of a cottage garden.

What is your favourite season?


If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To slow down time - it moves too quickly.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

I renew my bucket list every year - In 2019, it is to challenge myself physically to raise money for dementia and cancer charities.

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Henry VIII. The Tudors fascinate me but Henry in particular is such an intriguing character. I would like to get to know the real man behind the tyrannical figure that he is often perceived to be.

What is your favourite food?

I love Italian cuisine - I could eat pasta everyday if I had to. This was demonstrated at University many a time. I am surprised I didn't come out looking like a piece of fusilli.

What is your favourite film?


What is your biggest pet peeve?

When people do not acknowledge you when you stop to let them pass or hold open a door etc.

What is your secret talent that nobody knows about?

I was a county champion sprinter (back in the day.)

If you could do any other job, what would it be and why?

An actress and a dancer on the Westend stage - I have been in many shows (including a highly embarrassing full length feature adaptation of 'Far from the Madding Crowd' by Thomas Hardy.

If you were a colouring pencil, what colour would you be and why?

Blue, because I am cool and calm (Haha)

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Split the money with my family and partner, buy a nice car, house and travel the world.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

New Zealand. It has been a goal of mine since I was 14.

Where would you go if you were invisible?

I would live like a Queen for the day - hopping in and out of fancy cars, spas, drink expensive champagne whilst dining in the nicest restaurants.

What is your favourite song?

Turn up the music - Chris Brown

What have you done that you are most proud of?

Gained a degree and moved away from home. I never imagined I could cope without being close to my family everyday.

If your colleagues could give you a nickname, what would it be and why?

Ginge (due to my flaming red hair) or Shorty (because I am only 5ft 1).

Describe yourself in 3 words

Thoughtful, ambitious, hardworking

What is your funniest memory whilst working at Hayloft so far

Chasing Hannah out of the office door to give her a hug when she hates hugs!

If you could give any advice to a new starter at Hayloft, what would it be?

Don't ever be afraid to voice new ideas, however weird, wonderful and wacky they may seem!

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