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25 Best Tiny-Flowered Perennials


By Bryony


Perennials are an investment in the outside space, plants which come back every year are great value for money and come in all shapes and sizes. We tend to think of bigger flowered plants as a focal point for borders, for example Roses. But even the biggest star needs supporting artists sometimes to elevate and bring everything together. Small flowered perennials provide this as well as many other positives for the garden. Here are 25 of the best tiny flowered perennials for your garden.


1. Ajuga


A very hardy spring flowering perennial. Perfect for ground cover at the foot of trees or shrubs with small spires of tiny blue, purple or white flowers with interesting foliage.


2. Geranium


Hardy geraniums, also known as Cranesbill is a favourite small flowered perennial. Some varieties are bigger than others but some cultivars like ‘Fay Anne’ or ‘Phaeum’ are very dainty and make for a lovely addition for ground cover in the garden.


3. Thymus serphyllum


Creeping Thyme has very tiny pink flowers. Low growing and highly fragrant. Planting on the edge of paths or between gaps in paving allows you to enjoy the sight and smell of these perennials.


4. Creeping Phlox


Easy to care for and very hardy. This perennial is evergreen with masses of delicate bright flowers which appear in spring. Perfect for keeping weeds at bay and quickly creates a carpet of flowers year on year.


5. Lily of the Valley


Perfect for a dry shade position Lily of the Valley, or Convallaria majalis is a beautiful looking and fragranced spring flower. Native to our woodlands with lush green foliage. It symbolises happiness and luck, The Duchess of Cambridge famously had this petite perennial in her wedding bouquet.


6. Trachelospermum jasminoides


Also known as Star Jasmine is a quick growing climber of delicate white flowers which fill the air in summer with an enchanting sweet floral fragrance.


7. Heuchera


People mostly include Heuchera in their gardens for the striking evergreen foliage. However in early summer panicles of dainty white to pink flowers appear above the leaves to bring extra interest.


8. Achillea


Tall stems topped with flat heads made of masses of tiny flowers. With a variety to match every colour scheme in any garden. Easy to care for and loved by pollinators.


9. Anagallis monellii


A delightful true blue flower on trailing stems, so perfect for basket growing. Often treated as annuals but actually perennial. Tiny cup and saucer flowers appear in early summer for months on end. They are also told be weather forecasters, in sun the flowers will open up to face the sun, whereas in rain and cloud they will stay tightly shut until the sun comes again.


10. Aubrieta


Another ground cover plant but these diminutive flowered perennials come back year after year with more vigour than the previous. Often seen spilling over walls in gardens in spring in swathes of pink and purple.


11. Brunnera


Another pretty blue five petaled tiny flower Brunnera’s appear in spring, reminiscent of ‘forget me nots’ but on larger plants and very popular with pollinators.


12. Erigeron karvinkianus


One of a few plants that could be considered cute. Clusters of white and pink daisies, perfect for lining edges of borders, or pots.


13. Erysimum Bowles' Muave


This perennial wall flower with charming, small mauve flowers will fill your garden with its fragrance for up to nine months of the year.


14. Leptospermum


A native shrub of Australia and New Zealand tiny flowers appear up the spines of the plant in pale pink. So beloved by bees it brings joy to the garden year on year.


15. Linaria


There are many species of Linaria, some annuals or biannuals but some are perennial. Spires of small pastel coloured flowers not unlike snap dragons appear on the large plant in late summer. Very easy to naturalise and enjoyed by many pollinators.


16. Lobelia


Often known as bedding annuals however there are a number of perennial Lobelia. Much like their annual counter parts in terms of shape of flower although on spikes of taller flowers the most popular type of perennial Lobelia is Cardinalis with scarlet blooms.


17. Myosotis


Commonly known as ‘Forget me not’. The pollinator friendly plant with distinctive blue flowers with a yellow centre. It self-seeds readily so will naturalise quickly to spread effortlessly through the border.


18. Nemesia


Available in a range of colours these long flowering perennials. Highly fragranced and wonderfully versatile working well pots, baskets or borders.


19. Nepeta


‘Cat Mint’, very low maintenance and easy care. The plant gives tall spikes of minute clusters of purple blooms from spring until autumn not unlike lavender but with a citrus – menthol scent enjoyed by bees and butterflies.


20. Salvia


Perennial Salvias have little flowers in a plethora of colours and types. Mostly tall plants, reaching over one metre tall punctuated with jewel coloured flowers. Some bicoloured like ‘Amethyst lips’ or the famous ‘Hot Lips’ of coral and white. Beautiful blooms with beautiful fragrance, a delight for the senses.


21. Saxifrage


Many different types of Saxifrage, all with small diminutive blooms. Mossy saxifrage send up thin stems from moss like foliage where small, daisy like pink flowers bloom. Excellent for rockeries or gravel gardens.


22. Thalictrum


Many species of Thalictrum have tiny flowers on ultra-thin stems. Perfect for soft, prairie style planting schemes


23. Verbena


Perennial verbena are often purple hued. Most famously ‘Verbena Borensis’ small clusters of small flowers on very tall willowy stems. Very popular with gardeners and wildlife alike.


24. Ceanothus


Small bright blue flowers form in spherical clusters on shrubs of dark green waxy leaves to make a striking contrast in early to mid-summer. Commonly known as the ‘Californian Lilac’ this brings wonderful interest and structure to the garden at any time of year.


25. Pyracantha Firethorn


Another climber to conclude the list. In the month of June these climbing evergreens turn white with minute blossom and in turn are coveted by bees before ripening to bright orange and red berries in autumn.

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