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10 Reasons Why We Are Potty For Penstemons

Penstemons are a long-standing Hayloft favourite and it’s not hard to see why as they offer you so much and ask for very little in return. Keep reading for our top 10 reasons why we just love these perennials and why we think you will too!


1. They flower for months on end

Penstemon mother of pearl

  Penstemon mother of pearl

Penstemons really are the insomniac party animals of the plant world as they do without sleep for up to six whole months of the year. Summer arrives and they begin flowering, summer ends and they are still at it, autumn comes around and they still show no signs of tiring. So, whilst other plants bloom and fade, Penstemons will provide your garden with long-lasting colour.

2. They’re drought tolerant


When we’re hit with a heatwave, it can be very costly and time consuming trying to keep up watering plants when there’s very little rainfall and many plants end up keeling over in the heat. Fortunately, once their established, Penstemons can quite easily cope with drought and heat and will still thrive in a dry summer.


3. They’re slug and snail resistant

Snail on leaf

Every gardener has been there. You’re admiring your beautiful plants one day, the next, the dreaded slugs have been chomping away at them making a patchwork of holes. That needn’t be a concern if you choose a Penstemon as they have pretty good slug and snail resistance as well as resistance to other garden pests like deer and rabbits.

4. They’re unfussy on soil conditions


Provided you have them planted in full sun or partial shade and the soil is fertile and moist but well-drained Penstemons will have no trouble growing very successfully in your garden, making them a perfect choice for pretty much any gardener.


5. They’re loved by bees

Penstemon with bee

As we all know, unfortunately bee populations are in decline and some species are even at risk of becoming extinct. One way us gardeners can help our buzzy friends is by filling our garden with plants that the bees love and Penstemons are an ideal choice as the bees go crazy for them. You'll just love watching them buzz around your flowers on a summer day.

6. They’re happily grown in containers

Penstemon snowstorm

Penstemon Snowstorm


If you don’t have much space in your garden or you’re just limited to pots, then Penstemons will easily suit your garden. They’re more than happy to be grown in containers, making for spectacular displays of blooms both on their own and planted alongside others too.


7. They propagate so painlessly


If you’re looking to ensure you have plenty of Penstemons for the following year, then that’s no problem either as they are very easily propagated by cuttings. If you’re new to propagating plants, penstemons are a pretty good place to start as they’re reliably successful.


8. They can cope with the wet British weather


Penstemons will brighten up your garden come rain or shine making them ideal for our climate where the weather can be very changeable. As well as being oblivious to drought they can also cope with the wet, so when we are struck by sudden downpours there’s no need to worry.


9. They’re hardy


Hardy plants are essential in any British garden as they can survive cold temperatures without you having to go to the trouble of bringing them indoors or keeping them in a greenhouse. Luckily, Penstemons are hardy so you won’t have to worry about them dying off come wintertime (provided it is not a particularly hard winter), plus they’re perennials so they will come back year after year for you to enjoy.


10. They’re available in a wide range of colours

Penstemon Dakota Burgundy

Penstemon Dakota Burgundy


You’re never short of colour options when it comes to Penstemons, so there really is a Penstemon out there for everyone and any garden. Pinks, blues, purples, whites and reds are all available, plus variations in foliage colour from green, to golden as well as intriguing dark, almost black tones too.


Click here to browse our range of Penstemons.

Happy gardening Haylofters!




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